Growth Hacking for Hair Salons

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Growth Hacking = Inexpensive or FREE ways to grow your salon business!
Are you worried about your marketing and how to create a cost effective buzz around your salon services, products or brand? Do you lie awake at night stressing out about how to become more profitable? Beginners and seasoned salon owners will learn marketing and social media skills to get your business noticed! Don’t be DOA in your community.

Take important steps to hack your way to the top!In this new marketing book by salon veteran, Linda L. Chappo, she shares the marketing and promotional ideas she used for 20+ years. It’s for the new start up or the stagnated salon, day spa or service business that needs to create a buzz around their services, products or brand. The customer’s needs and how to reach him or her is the driving force behind this comprehensive look at traditional and social media outlets to get more exposure and sales.

This printed book includes the "Make it BIG! Savvy Salon Series" Kindle books: 2, 3, 4, & 5.

You’ll Learn:
  • How to find influencers and pitch them to work for you
  • What your customers really expect from you
  • Use internet marketing and social media strategies
  • When and how to tell your story and why it’s important
  • How to get a business and social media education for FREE!
  • Why video marketing is jet fuel for your brand
  • How these 250+ growth hacks can help you for years to come

Binding / Paperback: 215 pages

Publish Date: 18 August 2020

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