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Gucci Gang: Bosses Need Love Too

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Meet the brothers Kazi, Taj, Zahir, and Maaz Gucciano... better known to the streets as \'The Gucci Gang.\' Raised by a Muslim father and an ex-convict of a mother. Most times they were left to fend for themselves, especially when the death of their father hits home. Taj, the baby boy suffers the most from that brutal night after witnessing his father getting killed in front of him. In his mind, there was more he should\'ve been able to do to help, but because of his demons... he can\'t control his anger issues, even when it comes to the women that he chooses to love. A real ladies man to those who know him, but a true thug at heart was the only way to describe him. He battles with trying to find peace somewhere in his life without his brother\'s always having to guide him. A little rough around the edges with the right amount of swag... he wasn\'t one to be messed with and always wants what he wants, even if it meant messing with something he couldn\'t have. Kazi and Zahir, the two middle boys and the two closes of the Gucciano brothers were inseparable and did everything together causing straight Havoc in the streets. Kazi worked in the hospital as an \'O.R. Assistant\' by day and was a gambler by night. Zahir on the other hand wasn\'t working a job for anybody. He was content with owning his own trailer tractor company and making moves when he wanted. One thing their parent\'s always instilled in them was how to be a hustlers. If they didn\'t know how to do anything else... getting money was never one of the issues. However, getting a woman that was actually willing to ride it out till the wheels fell off was the problem. Maaz, the oldest of the Gucciano brothers could fool anyone with just one look. More so into anything supporting the black movement; underneath all of that was a true killer at heart. Maaz craved lavishness and would do whatever it took to get it. Working a job was cool and all but what he was looking for... no Boss could give to him cause he wanted to be his own. With one wife and two kids to go home to every night; a lot of times that still wasn\'t enough. He found himself willing to risk it all at times just for his own happiness. Everybody in the hood knew that \'The Gucci Gang\' did what they wanted, when they wanted, and however they wanted... but at what cost? Follow the stories of hustling, love, and real life hood tales in getting to know these mean swag, fine, and thugged out brothers.