Guide to a Great Career

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Do you want to beat recruiters, hiring managers, human resource professionals, and HR representatives at their own game? Simply put, would you like to be successful in your career? Then this guide is for you. In the past, a degree from a college or university was a likely way to secure a position, but no matter what your career path, that's no longer the case. In a fast-paced world led by technology, education has a hard time keeping pace with a fickle labor market. Overcome those obstacles with the lessons in this guide, which will help you: - decide which career to pursue in the first place; - commit yourself to an attitude of lifelong learning; - cultivate the skills that matter the most to employers; and - beat the odds when networking. The author also shares guidance on preparing resumes, writing cover letters, navigating interviews, and skipping the job search altogether by becoming an entrepreneur. Overcome the grip of recruiters and HR gatekeepers and take control of your professional destiny with the strategies and insights in Guide to a Great Career.

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 102 pages

Publish Date: August 7, 2019