Hip-Hop History

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Hip-Hop at it's core is authentic and unapologetic without those two attributes, you ain't Hip-Hop! If you feel like you're disrespecting someone, when you say the word nigga, you're definitely not Hip-Hop. So, don't even put yourself in that space, especially if you feel you must hold your tongue when in the presence of Hip-Hop heads. The culture was created in the mist of poverty, police brutality, violence, racism, and a love for music. We stood on the shoulders of giants and road the waves of jazz, disco, r&b and rock & roll into the spotlight.

It's now up to the new generation to carry the torch but respect your forefathers and recognize who's shoulders you're standing on. Study your Hip-Hop History so that you may continuously evolve the culture and keep the damn culture vultures at bay.


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Publish Date: May 5, 2018