How to Answer Questions at Your Deposition: Don't Let the Gobble

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This book collects a great deal of advice about what to do and not to do at a deposition. It prepares the witness for many of the common occurrences at a deposition. The book\'s scope goes well beyond the two basic rules that every witness should know: tell the truth, but volunteer nothing. It covers many other topics such as identifying and dealing with confusing questions, abusive conduct, and interruptions. Also discussed is the little known but widely used tactic of trial lawyers to use the foibles of your memory against you. What you think you know, but don\'t, can hurt you. The book explains your counter-tactic: talk less. Many examples and a self-test are given to illustrate the concepts. Though comprehensive, the booklet is also compact. Most can read through it in less than an hour. This book is designed for lay witnesses in any type of civil lawsuit. Young attorneys should benefit from it too. They can quickly learn lessons which experience will slowly teach them.