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How To Defeat Any Debt Collector & Repair Your Own Credit Report

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This book was written with a single goal in mind, that of providing you the reader with a tested and proven system, complete with templates and examples, that allows you to literally turn the tables on debt collectors. This book will teach you how to stop the harassment, remove inaccurate and or derogatory information from your credit report, and, if you are so inclined, sue the debt collector for his violation(s) of the law; all without the need of a lawyer. In all of my cases I have never once used a lawyer. Once you finish reading the book you will immediately be able to confront and effectively deal with any debt collector with confidence. You will be able to instantly recognize if a debt collector is employing abusive or fraudulent practices and know how to properly respond. Whether you\'re new to the subject of debt collections or a seasoned veteran you will find new information in this book that will convince you that not only are you not obligated to pay most alleged debts, but that those attempting to collect them from you are very often unable to prove that you owe them anything when properly challenged. This may seem like a fantastic claim, but it is true nonetheless and has been proven time and time again. You will learn how the laws are designed to protect you (the consumer) and how to successfully implement them to your advantage. I want to also mention here that I am not a lawyer and I do not give legal advice. What I do provide you with is educational material on a tried and proven method that actually works, and that debt collectors absolutely DO NOT want you to acquire and implement! What you will find within the covers of this book is the knowledge and proven procedures of how to beat Debt Collectors (and their lawyers) which I have developed through personal experience over the course of many years. I have sued and won in the Federal Court system, successfully defended in many state court actions, and have also won without the need to litigate, through the use of Settlement & Release of Liability Agreements; the application of which is discussed at length in the book. A template of the Settlement & Release of Liability Agreement is included in the book. The bottom line here for this author is to get you, the reader, up to speed and properly equipped so that within a few short days of receiving this book you can actively and successfully engage, with confidence, any debt collector attempting to collect an alleged debt from you. Suffer and fear no longer and use the knowledge provided in this powerful book to defeat your debt collector!

Binding / Paperback: 220 pages

Publish Date: 1 December 2016