How to Draw Realistic Photos: Easy Tips and Tricks - Apply These

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Drawing an eye or any other object takes skill to reflect realism at different levels. When embarking on a new drawing, planning is an essential part of achieving accuracy. It is important to have a plan in mind, lay down your plan on paper. If you want to draw a realistic eye or any other object, it is important to be aware of different textures of paper and pencils along with different sets of supply. The knowledge will help you understand what kind of art is best suited for a set of supply.Shading is one of the important skills to have when drawing a realistically. In fact, most artists are successful because of their unique technique to shading. In this book, we will talk about how to use different shading techniques and types of pencils that are used to accomplish these shading styles.Erasers are a bigger part of a realistic drawing, they come in different forms, shapes and some of them are electric. In chapter 3, we will look at how to choose the best eraser and see the science behind utilizing an eraser to achieve best results. The science of Light can be showcased using erasers, just like there are many different types of pencils the same applies to erasers.One of the important mistakes to avoid when trying to draw a detailed picture is damaging your drawing. In chapter 4, we will look at what kind of destructions to avoid and how to better protect your drawing. This is normally overlooked and could impose a risk to your drawing.A reference photo is an image you prepare to reference your drawing on. They are equally important as the actual drawing itself, the better you know how to choose the best reference photo, most likely the drawing will be good. In chapter 5, we will talk about how to choose and prepare a good reference photo. Chapter 6 talks about how to create the best outlines which transition in chapter 7 when you will find out how to use a well-known method to draw.