How To Have A Long Distance Relationship

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How To Have a Long Distance Relationship - Your Step-By-Step Guide To Having a Long Distance Relationship

Contributor(s): Wilson, Bethany (Author), Howexpert Press (Author)
ISBN: 1463650469 EAN: 9781463650469
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Binding: Paperback: 50 pages
Pub Date: July 18, 2011

Annotation: If you are currently into a long-distance relationship and wanted it to last, then check this "How To Have a Long Distance Relationship" guide.
In this step-by-step guide, you will reap the following benefits:- How to prepare before getting into a long-distance relationship.

- How to have constant communication with your partner.
- Get tips on what you can do together though you are apart.
- How to find time for each other.
- How to avoid saboteur.
- How to survive being apart.
- How to resolve conflicts and arguments.
- Get tips about long-distance relationships and sex.
- How to make the relationship last.
- And much more.
About the Expert
Bethany Wilson is a December 2010 graduate from Berea College in Berea, Kentucky. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Child Development.

During her entire time in college she was engaged, her and her fiancé Josh decided to give a long-distance relationship a go. From the beginning of her college career throughout the completion and still to this day they are together.

With nearly three hundred miles between her and Josh, they had to get creative in order to keep the relationship alive. When they first began the relationship after Bethany got to college they would talk on the phone for hours each day about a little bit of nothing but that gradually got tiresome.

Bethany and Josh had to find new things to keep their relationship interesting. At first they started using webcam communications but that was short-lived because the college cut the bandwidth that was allowed to the students making it almost impossible to webcam one another.

They tried almost all of the techniques that are mentioned in this book. There were many different things that was brought up by other people trying to make them break up, but that never worked because Bethany and Josh have a bond stronger than words of others.
Now that Bethany is out of college, she and Josh is no longer on a long-distance relationship status because they are just a few minutes apart and are looking forward to their future and in the process of planning their wedding.

Their long-distance relationship helped them both mature and develop the ways that communication to the point that they both seem as if they are ten years older than they really are in the case of communication strategies. When things would seem dire within the relationship they would sit down and talk it out either on the internet, phone, or text messaging and get past the situation.

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