How to Make More Money in Your Trucking Business: 275 Tips from

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This book helps all small to medium sized businesses make more money. Period. The specific industry is \'trucking\', but a good 90% of the ideas are relevant to all businesses. Trucking is simply a way of creating examples to make the ideas real. There are some 275 ideas on how to make more money. These ideas were collected in a series of workshops held at a major national trucking industry conference, where the author was the keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. Therefore, the ideas are real, from real people in real businesses with their feet on the ground. The book is structured around 7 key questions, which are very insightful, and challenge the reader to think about their business. 1. What value to I provide to the customer? 2. How do you increase revenue from your exiting business? 3. What if I don\'t have a truck anymore? 4. How can I increase my prices by just 5%? 5. Know the numbers - what better decisions could I make? 6. What changes in the environment will affect my business in the next 2 years? 7. How do I run the business?