How to Solve All Your Money Problems Forever: Creating a Positiv

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This is a newly revised edition of Victor Boc\'s hugely successful, self-published book, previously sold through direct mail. Consumers have responded strongly to his life-changing, step-by-step plan for ending money problems and achieving prosperity. By utilizing this simple but effective program, anyone can increase their cash flow to levels they have only dreamed of. Boc\'s proven two-pronged method teaches the reader to harness the forces that control the flow of money. The first step involves visualization and affirmations-because, as Boc explains, until you know exactly what you want and ask for it, you won\'t get it. The next step involves giving money away-it\'s a way to \"prime the pump\" and get the flow of money headed back in your direction. By putting this method into action, thousands of people have achieved financial success.