How To Spot A Player

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How to Spot a Player: Every Trick in the Book Exposed ( Practical Dating Advice for Women #1 )

Contributor(s): Marks, Dylan (Author)
ISBN: 179535657X EAN: 9781795356572
Publisher: Independently Published
US SRP: $9.99 US
Binding: Paperback: 162 pages
Pub Date: January 28, 2019
Annotation: Players use every trick in the book to get with you. They aren’t expecting you to own the book. How to Spot A Player is a detailed guide to spotting, avoiding, and ditching the kind of man who wants to use women. It's part of essential modern dating for women.
At 35,000 words, this guide is a quick, practical tool for women. You can probably "feel" when you're dating a guy who isn't genuine. This guide will help back up your gut feeling with practical examples of the behavior players exhibit to help you avoid and cut out dishonest men from your life.

What does this guide cover?

Part 1: Is the guy you just met a player? 1. The top 5 traits of a player 2. 5 questions that will unmask a player 3. The player takes you on an emotional rollercoaster 4. The player keeps the energy high 5. He uses backhanded compliments 6. He gets nervous when you touch his phone 7. He’s a tinder veteran 8. He touches you a lot 9. He seems more confident than he should be 10. Players get frustrated when they don’t get sex on the first date
Part 2: How to Avoid Players 1. Spotting a player on Tinder 2. Player or genuine guy? 3. Tinder conversations with a player 4. How he approached you
Part 3: Is the guy you’re dating a player? 1. What the date location says about a guy 2. He never goes out in public with you 3. He acts differently if you run into him in public 4. He never apologizes 5. Suspicious Social Media 6. He forgets important conversations 7. He flakes out at the last minute 8. He’s charming when you are together and cold when you aren’t 9. He ghosts you and comes back 10. He doesn’t want you to meet his friends 11. He isn’t ticklish 12. Every date revolves around sex 13. Players want to make you submit 14. You never know what he’s thinking 15. He won’t commit but he gets upset when you see other guys 16. Physical Evidence of a player 17. Should you confront a player?
Part 4: Understanding the Player 1. The common insecurities of a player 2. The common confidences a player has 3. The player’s view of masculinity 4. Niche players 5. The player-mooch 6. Instagram game 7. The categories of men 8. Players and their fathers
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