How to Start, Run & Grow a Successful Nonprofit Organization

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How to Start, Run & Grow a Successful Nonprofit Organization

DIY Startup Guide to 501 C(3) Nonprofit Charitable Organization For All 50 States & DC

This is one of the most comprehensive guides you will find on how to start, run and grow a 501© nonprofit organization in the bookstores. I worked 23 years as a consultant for many small to medium size nonprofit organizations. My primary job was to show them the actual step by step process on how to open such charitable organizations properly and legally.

Many nonprofit organizations run into various legal and tax problems if and when they don’t take the right steps when opening and filling their paperwork with their state and Federal government. It is not rocket science, but there are few minor details that you have to know and follow to avoid significant setbacks and issues in the future.

In this guide, I cover the basics of starting a nonprofit organization (NPO).I show you a detailed step by step process of fulfilling each and every requirement by your state and the federal government. I also added provisions for all 50 US states and for the District of Columbia.

Please look through the table of content before hitting the “Buy” Button to make sure I covered the information you are looking for.

At a Glance, This is What I Covered in This Guide.

  • What is a Nonprofit
  • Types of Nonprofit Entities
  • Why You Should Start a Nonprofit
  • For-Profit vs. Nonprofit
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Starting a Nonprofit
  • The Startup Checklist
  • Establishing the Bylaws
  • How to develop a Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Filing Articles of Incorporation
  • Legal Requirements
  • How to actually become Tax Exempt
  • Building the Staff
  • Nonprofit Governance
  • Officers/Board of directors
  • CEO & Executive Directors
  • Staff and Volunteers
  • Classifying Employees
  • How to Recruit Volunteers
  • How to pay your Employees
  • Fundraising Basics
  • Fundraising Compliance
  • Online Fundraising
  • Registration Requirements, Applications, Exemptions & Renewal
  • Professional Fundraising
  • Co-venture & Cause Marketing
  • Charitable Gaming Licensing and Permits
  • How to Host Gaming Events
  • Renewing Gaming License
  • Charitable Gift Annuity Registration Requirements by State
  • Ongoing Compliance

Appendix – 1

  • Filing Requirements for all 50 State & DC

Appendix – 2

  • List of Required Governance for all 50 State & DC

Appendix – 3

  • Tax Exemptions by State for All 50 States & DC

Binding / Paperback: 178 pages

Publish Date: June 18, 2018