How to Start Up & Manage Your Own Hair Salon: And Make It Big in

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Take Your Next Steps to Making it BIG in the Salon Business!Are you tired of working hard for someone else\'s benefit? Are you ready to go out on your own and live your dream? Does the idea of starting your first hair salon seem overwhelming? Are you an entrepreneur who wants to enter the lucrative hair salon industry? If you answered \"YES\" to any of these questions, then you are ripe and ready to become a salon owner. Prepare yourself for success by learning the ropes from a seasoned entrepreneur who started and managed her highly successful hair salons. Linda L. Chappo answers your two main questions, \"How do I do it?\" and \"How can I be successful?\" In this new book by salon veteran, Linda L. Chappo, you are given all the insider tips, tricks and secrets to start up your own salon, and make it BIG in the salon business. Linda makes it easy for you to start and grow the salon of your dreams. Whether you are starting your first salon or your fifth, you\'ll shorten your learning curve and get an invaluable education from her many years of salon ownership. Linda has been through it all and offers you the wisdom of her experience so you can avoid unnecessary and expensive mistakes. Take your next steps toward a successful future!\"How to Start Up & Manage Your Own Hair Salon ... and Make it BIG in the Salon Business\" is the premier guidebook for individuals who desire to start their own salon and gain financial independence. You Will Learn To: Outsmart the competitionOptimize your retail profitabilityBe a more savvy salon manager and marketerUse internet marketing and social media strategiesUse the financial resources you have to start your salon now!Discover shortcuts to save you money and avoid headachesCreate a successful marketing campaign & get more clientsImplement a business plan and reach your goals

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