Hypertrophy and calisthenics THE PRIO SYSTEM

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The Prio System is a bodyweight workout program designed to develop as much muscle mass and strength in your upper body as possible in as little time as possible.

Do you struggle to find the time to go the gym several times a week? Do you find you’re settling for a couple of times a week just for maintenance, or that you struggle getting started at all?

Are you a beginner interested in bodyweight training and calisthenics but don’t have the strength and skills needed for training? Is the gym the “easy” option?

Are you advanced in calisthenics and need a program that will make your workouts as efficient as possible for building both muscle mass and calisthenics strength i.e. the planche push-up, front lever row, handstand push-up, one arm pull-up, muscle-up and the one arm push-up?

Let me tell you this: You can build big muscles and a strong body in your living room.
You don’t need the gym and the time it takes to get there. All you need is a few minutes and some floor space and. But how do you combine pushing your muscles really hard for muscular development, with practising movements for strength and skill acquisition?

You don’t need to already have superhuman performance to train calisthenics. I’ll show you where to start, how to progress, and in no time you’ll have the strength and balance to do all the hardest exercises, and the hard muscles to show for it.

Maybe you’ve been training for some time and have a lot of ideas about what you want to achieve but you’re not sure how to do it. Programming to fit all your goals seems to lead to endless, exhausting workouts.

Chapter 1 - How we must think and structure our workouts to optimize combining calisthenics with training for muscle size. Can you isolate in calisthenics? Should we divide our workouts into muscle groups? Why are some calisthenics athletes small despite their strength, and some bodybuilders weak despite their size?

Chapter 2 - An in-depth but easy to grasp and apply walkthrough of the latest research on how to make muscle growth happen as a result of strength training. How many sets and reps per week and workout, how we should eat (protein and supplements), how often and much we should train, how intense...

Chapter 3 - The best bodyweight exercises for muscle and strength. These exercises go hand-in-hand, building upon each other in a way that makes this program unique. Also, when and how to use weighted calisthenics, why training statically to build static strength is a waste of time and what the better method is...

Chapter 4 - The exercises, execution and progressions. How to do the exercises, the progressions, tricks to speed up skill acquisition, specific mobility… This chapter will also provide you with specific and important techniques to get the most out of your sets.

Chapter 5 - The program, The Prio System. Here you'll find a list of rules to follow and different programs for different number of days a week. Also, lower body training with or without the gym, and a longer section about warm-ups, pain management and mobility drills for the wrists, shoulders and hips.

Chapter 6 - A summary with example workouts and recommendations on how to log your workouts.

This is the only program you will ever need for upper body strength and muscle.

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 94 pages

Publish Date: July 16, 2019

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