I Promise You a Happy Ending

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GETTING TO BLOW YOUCan one gay man defeat Alaska’s hairpocalypse and win the sexy lumberjack?The logging town of Sithole, Alaska, hasn’t had a decent hairdresser in two years. The men look like shaggy yaks and the women…well, let’s not get too personal…they’re in desperate need of a makeover. The mayor has sent out a mayday call requesting a female hairdresser but when the new hair stylist arrives it’s the outrageous rainbow tornado, Frankie Burfitt, escaping a cheating boyfriend. Neither side knew what they were getting into but, after some initial reluctance, the women of the town pack his salon, the timber men need a bit more persuasion, especially one particular swarthy lumberjack, Bud Guyder, who’s caught Frankie’s eye. Is the shy logger a little gay curious or just a tease?“I thought this was the cutest snarkiest story I’ve ever read!!... a fun, sweet, light read.” BEAUTY AND THE LEASEDWanted: Fake boyfriend. Paid Position. Wealthy, clueless college jock himbo, Jerrod Spicer, will do anything to make his cheating boyfriend, Kyle, jealous even down to messing with the affection of nerdish Colm Bransfield, one of his biggest fans, all under the prying eye of bitchy gossip columnist, Cicely Trublood. Colm needs money for his college fees and Jerrod is prepared to pay handsomely, at least in cash, for Colm to pretend to be his rebound boyfriend. What could possibly go wrong? “Written beautifully and the ending of this is the icing on the cake…Fantastic. Hot sexy scenes are smokin’.”ELEVATOR SHAFTEvery love affair has its ups and downs but this one comes with a stop button.Micky is attempting to improve his young life while living on a run-down high-rise public housing estate but it’s difficult when he has no qualifications and is studying part time to get his high school diploma. After he is stabbed during a homophobic attack he wants out even though he finds himself attracted to Trig, the leader of the gang that attacked him. Blond-haired Adonis, Trig, is an enigma until the day he traps Danny in the elevator of their building. Expecting the worst, Danny is surprised by the favour Trig asks. “…not your mushy and starry eyed kind of love story, it is messy and has ups and downs.. And in the end, I was satisfied with every moment I read.”NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET ITFor any sort of a future together they both have to come cleanVinnie is a loser in love and in life. Even with his good looks and hot body he’s unable to keep a job for more than a few weeks and his love-life is in tatters. His friends see him as just another piece of ass and they’re idea of support is to try helping him into their beds. Only his arch nemesis, Zeb, won’t indulge Vinnie’s pity party. So why does Vinnie feel a strange attraction to the only man who won’t indulge him – a man with secrets and a bad reputation?“…one of those stories where you fall in love with the characters and you hope to see them again in a future story…I loved this book.”

Binding / Paperback: 248 pages

Publish Date: September 9, 2019