Illuminati Secret Knowledge: Future Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

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Time travel to years 2035, 2041 and 6938. See the future world though the eyes of heroes and villains. However, don\'t consider this book to be a pure science fiction and entertainment. This book is built on Illuminati Secret Knowledge and secret CIA reports of world events of 2035 and 2041 that no one except two Presidents and a few generals ever saw. Also the book is based on the serious scientific theories such as retro-causality when future is affecting the past as well as the accounts of people who claim that they saw the future: from Nostradamus and Baba Vanga to the accounts of so called modern time travelers. We researched dozens of them and found a couple of them to be credible because they are keep repeating the same things: some from the distant past while others are from the far future, so don\'t be surprised if you live though World War Three, the Great American Earthquake and Earth\'s orbit change till 2041 to see how accurately this book predicted other future events that seems insane today.