It's Not Too Late: Your Future Can Be Greater Than Your Past

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Have you ever wished you could take back something you said? Undo a poor choice you made? Erase a painful memory?

Unfortunately, you can\'t erase the mistakes in your past. But God can do something even better--He can use those fumbles to transform your life and lead you into the incredible destiny He has planned for you. Bestselling author Tony Evans provides encouraging proof straight from the Bible:

Sarah was a doubter,
Jacob was a deceiver,
Moses was a murderer,
Rahab was a harlot,
Samson was a player,
Jonah was a rebel,
Esther was a diva,
Peter was an apostate...

and yet God turned each of their lives around in a big way. In fact, they\'re among the Bible\'s greatest heroes!

What might God do with your life--imperfections and all? It\'s not too late to find out and get back on track to experiencing God\'s very best for you.