Jordan Fire Fits Iconic Footwear Coloring Book Volume 1: Custom

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If you like Jordan Jordan shoes, you will love this coloring book! Check out the first \"Air Jordan Color Book\" for adults and children! If you want Air Jordan, everything about them ... especially their magnificent colors and designs, imagine creating colors and designs that you always wanted to see. No matter what level you have to your artistic skills, you can paint and paint the shoes you want to admire and show the world what you do! If you are a real girl, you can even customize your shoes by working on your drawings in this coloring book. This book comes with its digital description of the famous Jordan Air Boots, with two similar designs of each shoe, so you can experiment with different colors and designs. It is truly a unique book and offers hours of fun for lovers of all ages. What you get: 1.Air Jordan World Color Book 2. Drawn By Brian Ernest Hayward and Jordan Fire Fits 3.To allow you to draw the same tennis twice, each page of Jordan 2 4. Jordan color 1-8 5. Made in the USA! 6.High Quality White White Sky Paper Collect point head sneaker 7. Fun for all ages 8. Relax Relaxation Tool 9. Complete all the numbers on page 8x11! 10. High quality drawing detail 11. This is the best gift for sports shoes lovers. Your baby has color contact with something other than manga eye-catching. 12. Young and old, this color book will surely please you. So..... 13. Let\'s click on \"Add to Cart\" to create.