Joshua Osiris Vol 1: Street Life of Solomon Jacob

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A tale of a young boy from a section 8 neighborhood in Tidewater Virginia known as Bayside arms, who is very skilled to be no more than a common thug who runs with a Posse of criminals he has known his entire life. Solomon Jacob is the name of the young man the story is centered around. Solomon is a natural born leader and loyal to a fault to anyone he considers to be a friend. Solomon makes a conscious decision to leave the street life behind in order to pursue his dreams of some day playing in the national football league, however Solomon sub-consciously continues to follow a path that will ultimately lead him back to the very lifestyle he so desperately wanted to escape. By the time Solomon realizes that he is worse off as a person than he has ever been before, he is to deep in the game just to walk away without either losing his life or the life of a loved one. At this point he must use his natural street smarts to navigate through the under world of crime.

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