King Cartel: Love & War

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When the head of the notorious King Cartel is gunned down, he leaves behind a rich drug empire that\'s in utter turmoil. DAMAR KING, the heir to the throne, is a young, brash leader who is intent on solving the riddle of his brother\'s murder and taking the organization to new heights. And whoever opposes him will be eliminated with no regard as he searches for the enemy from within his own crew. When the hidden opposition becomes strong, Damar becomes stronger, and the gunplay becomes fierce. However, the treachery that surrounds him is just as lethal as Damar\'s gun. To avoid the snakes that slither in his garden, Damar learns he must use brain over brawn as loyalties are forged and broken to remain on top. Will Damar learn that lesson in time? Or will his enemies bring him down to his knees? Will the burgeoning love that sprouts amiss all of the bloodshed become Damar\'s strength or his ultimate weakness? The only thing that\'s certain is that nothing is sacred in Love and War, and that Damar will go to any means to protect THE KING CARTEL.