Kingpin's Ambition 2: I Bring The Pain

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With an official plug, a new engagement and a baby on the way, KILLA has the world in the palm of his hands. But behind his back there\'s trouble brewing in paradise. At his side is TIARA, a poisonous snake of a woman who is masquerading as the rider chick he truly needs. Her love is hot and addictive but her venom is as deadly as an AK-47. Will Killa\'s thirst for money, power and respect continue to occupy his mind, while leaving him susceptible to his woman\'s treachery and his enemy\'s deadly plots? Or will he regain his focus and reinforce why he is a true boss in the drug game? Meanwhile, RICO manages to avoid prison. Back on the streets, armed and dangerous, he has a single purpose--to fill up the city morgue with bodies in retaliation for the murders of his sister and twin brother. Forced to protect himself and his family from Rico\'s wrath, Killa does what killers do. And the streets will tremble in the aftermath of A KINGPIN\'S AMBITION.