Kingpin's Ambition: Respect My Throne

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In the grimy inner-city streets of Atlanta, BRENTON JAMES earned the notorious nickname \"Killa\" as he made his ascent from block boy to drug kingpin with the help of the beautiful MILEENA, who is a well-respected drug figure, herself. Killa can be a gentleman or a goon, depending on the situation, and his gun spares no one that comes for his throne. But not everyone fears the deadly shot caller. And someone definitely doesn\'t want to see the bond between Killa and his woman last. When both of his adversaries decide to go all out to bring him down, Killa must prove to the streets that his empire nor his home is to be tested. The only way to prove that is by lining the streets with bodies. But it\'s hard to win a war when the enemy is closer to you than you could ever imagine, and determined to rip out your heart. Will Killa and Mileena live to enjoy the luxuries that come from A KINGPIN\'S AMBITIONS? Or will they get caught up in the traps laid by a ruthless enemy whose heart is as black as a moonless night?