Leadership: Different & Servant-like: A Framework of Insight That Will Help You Master Servant-Leadership by Ratzlaff, Bruce

Leadership: Different & Servant-like: A Framework of Insight That Will Help You Master Servant-Leadership

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You've no doubt heard "servant-leadership" presented as today's model of choice! You may be unaware, that leading experts contend that the term "servant-leadership" remains either undefined or at best, underdefined. By virtue of the name, you'd expect it would be different in a good way - undeniably better! But is it?

Other observers say that today's servant-leadership modelling is deeply flawed, rarely practiced, misunderstood, and potentially harmful. Mostly, it exists as a concept that each leader defines for themselves and then self-validates.

Though trying to function as a servant-leader, isn't it true that a leader must act "master-like" to perform? How can one be both a master and a servant - and lead? Might role confusion be a root-cause of the common sense of disillusionment and distrust toward present-day leaders? What is the source and functional effect of these seeming contradictions?

With over six decades of combined experience at the highest levels of leadership, the authors unpack a research project that starts at the beginning. About 2,000 years ago Jesus Christ made this statement: "with you it (leadership) will be different (and servant-like)."

So, is it? Is your leadership measurably "different"? Different the right ways? Is it really "servant-like" as intended by the first person to speak of the idea? On what basis do you assess this and know for sure? Do you have the self-awareness to recognize when your leadership methods are reflecting the "master" within (ego, self) and at odds with "different and servant-like" leadership?

The research compiled in this book uniquely links Biblical and contemporary sources, to provide relevant and practical answers to these vital questions and more.

By reading this book, you will discover:
- Why there is an inherent problem with modern-day theories of Servant-leadership.
- The paradigm influence of the behind-the-scenes "master" when leading.
- The specific "differences" that distinguish Servant-leaders from those who are not.
- How to personally align the "master" and "servant" roles in your leadership.
- A refreshing self-awareness of the internal tensions you face when trying to live the servant-leadership model.
- An enjoyable walk-through of lessons and uncommon stories in the Bible that offer specific and powerful insight into issues of real-world leadership.

Practical to the core and refreshingly clear, this book provides a step-by-step construct of thought. You find new empowerment, awareness, leadership grounding clarity, and a fresh orientation to lead with authenticity.

Author: Bruce Ratzlaff, Verna Ratzlaff
Publisher: FriesenPress
Published: 07/26/2021
Pages: 174
Binding Type: Paperback
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ISBN13: 9781039109728
ISBN10: 1039109721
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