Legal Ease: Your Essential Guide to Lawyers, Shysters and Ambula

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Sooner or later, everyone will need a lawyer. When that time comes, this book will become the best investment you\'ve ever made! It\'s a certainty that someday in the lives of us all, we\'ll have the need for legal services. My guidebook provides the reader with the practical information they should have when that day arrives. The concept is that the average person has been kept in the dark far too long about the truth of how lawyers operate and interact with clients and those in search of an attorney. There is a shroud of mystery surrounding lawyers that fosters misinformation, prejudice, distrust and confusion. The aim of this book is to penetrate this shroud and solve the mystery. To accomplish this purpose, I inform, educate and illustrate what clients need to know. Armed with new found knowledge and awareness, the layperson will be able to approach the attorney/client relationship with confidence rather than distrust and apprehension. This, in turn, will empower them to challenge the lawyer in ways that will save money, time and disappointment. Clients have been exploited by lawyers in a multitude of ways that have come to be accepted as the norm. It is my mission to expose the imbalance in the attorney/client relationship. I suggest ways and means for the client to assert his rights and restore equilibrium to the relationship. A secondary theme of this book is to expose the under-belly of the legal profession and the culture of greed that has come to identify lawyers. What started with the exorbitant fees of big law firms has spilled over to smaller firms as well as sole practitioners. Attorney fees have increased to the point where they bear no reasonable relationship to the value of the service performed. This abuse is known and tolerated by the organized bar.