Life of Greed

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Growing up a spoiled daddy\'s girl, Tyra had everything any li\'l girl could ask for. To begin with, she was exposed to money all her life. After moving away with her mother, Sandy, she was on her own, but her determination to keep the money coming had just begun. There was no limit to her hustle. 209 Then Tyra meets Ray. Soon, though, his jealous and abusive ways drive her away. After being left broke and with a son, she finds an outlet to get money in a strip club, which is when Diamond, Tyra\'s alter ego, emerges. Diamond seduces men, making them fall prey to her sexual escapades. For Diamond, getting money through sex was the start of her financial greed. Hurt time and again by the men she loved, Tyra learned to hate and distrust. Refusing to fall in love again, Tyra meets Malachi, a well-known drug dealer from Ohio. Her only love was for her sons and money. After losing much of her money to Malachi, Tyra decides to hustle and beat him at his own game. Will Tyra overpower Malachi, or will she find love again?