Live By It, Die By It

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Richie Rich and his best friend Chauncey set out to sew up the dope game in the mean streets of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Meanwhile, Richie Rich\'s younger brother RJ wanted badly to become his brother\'s right-hand man, but never got the love and respect he desired grew envious of his brother\'s relationship with Chauncey.A greed act in the form of a robbery occurs in which Richie Rich is ultimately stripped of some of his drugs. Out to get to the bottom of the situation, he finds himself staring down the barrel of a handgun.Richie Rich\'s world comes crumbling down right in front of him, but he would survive the trials and tribulations beyond comprehension. However, some of the people in his life wouldn\'t be so lucky.The world is motivated by money, power, and respect. Milwaukee is just another city caught up in the seven deadly sins. Richie Rich would learn that and teach his adversaries a lesson as he set out determined to avenge everything and everyone he lost, using anyone he could as a steppingstone to make those responsible pay dearly.No matter the time, place, or day, one thing will never change when you\'re knee deep in the game. you LIVE BY IT; you DIE BY IT.....