Look at Life from the Riverbank

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Do you love being on the water? Is holding a rod and reel one of your favorite outdoor activities? Outdoorsman and bestselling author Steve Chapman takes you to lakes, streams, rivers, and oceans to explore fishing and discover life-changing insights from God\'s Word. In these devotions about fishing for trout, bass, catfish, shark, and more, you\'ll discover:

  • why pestering a water snake isn\'t such a good idea
  • how treble hooks turn into reminders to avoid sin
  • where to turn when angling becomes a temptation
  • how cleaning a shark reveals the joy of God\'s mercy and grace
  • what unexpected truth is revealed when Jesus walked on water

Join Steve as he casts into the deep pools of God\'s wisdom to share life-altering insights, uplifting spiritual truths, and unabashed enthusiasm for living for Christ. You\'ll enjoy these adventures of being on the water with God, family, and friends.