Love & Hollowtips 2

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Hollow was so busy chasing Love that he didn\'t realize his enemy was chasing him. Love and Hollow are everyone\'s favorite couple. With Love pregnancy on the line, she doesn\'t know if her love for Hollow will last. She can\'t trust Hollow because he\'s being untruthful about the incidents that happened. Love tries her best to move on but something keeps pulling her back. When an opportunity arises, Love takes the bait leaving Hollow in the dark. Hollow is out in the streets trying to getting back everything was taken from him. It\'s hard for him to keep loving Love when she\'s pushing him away. He gives her a taste of her own medicine to get her to understand that he\'s the only one for her, until she does the unthinkable. Hollow loses it when he finds out the woman he loves it not the woman she\'s been portraying to be. Somebody has to die when the lines are crossed. Who will it be? Love holds them together but a hollowtip separates them.

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