Mastering the Handstand Push-up

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Master the Handstand Push-Up to Develop the Ultimate Strength and Balance

Are you seeking a challenge that will put you miles ahead in the fitness game? If so, then Grant Michaels'sMastering the Handstand Push-Up is right up your alley. This quick book is actually a guide to help you master this exercise one step at a time. Michaels understands how difficult of an exercise this can be, and he has given you detailed information on how you can accomplish this goal in a reasonable time.

The handstand and push-up each require the body to perform a certain way. With this book you will learn how to bring the two together by building your muscle strength and your endurance. You will combine this with a sense of balance that is necessary to conquer this workout.

Why Would You Ever Want to Do a Handstand Push-Up?

It is true that this exercise is not for the faint of heart. It is for those who are challenging themselves daily, and who are most likely doing some kind of resistance training. However, anyone can benefit from learning how to do this exercise. Although, it may take a little extra time if you are not actively participating in strength or resistance training. You should still see...

  • An increase in strength in the upper body.
  • A dramatic increase in your balance that is hard to top with any other exercise.
  • An obvious improvement in your core strength, which is not matched by exercised balls or balance boards.

There are also many health benefits that are to be gained from learning to do this exercise either in a freestanding form or even with using wall support.

  • You will obviously get better blood flow to your brain, and this helps to increase your spatial awareness.
  • Your blood flow is being increased, which can have a positive impact on your overall well-being.
  • The cardiovascular and digestive systems are both helped when this exercise is performed.

How Will This Book Help You Perform This Exercise?

Michaels has divided his guide into five steps. These steps are there to help you first develop the skills necessary to be able to do a handstand push-up.

  • Step 1 This will help you build your endurance and become an expert at the standard push-up.
  • Step 2 After you master the push-up, you will begin descending into the handstand. Slowly you will build your endurance.
  • Step 3 You will now begin getting your bearings of being in a handstand, but not yet is free-stand.
  • Step 4 You will take your skills developed from the push-up exercises and the handstand exercises and put them together in an almost full position.
  • Step 5 You are fully ready to take on the handstand push-up.

Do Not Let Fear Stop You!

Many people do not try to master this exercise for fear of being upside down. With Michael\'s book there is nothing to fear. He takes you step by step so that you will have the strength and endurance available to increase your balance a little at a time. By the end you will be standing on your hands with a whole new vantage point of the world.

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Author: Grant Michaels
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
Published: 10 January 2013
Pages: 38
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 64 g
Size: 15.24 x 0.23 x 22.86 cm
ISBN13: 9781484194317
ISBN10: 1484194314
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