Meditation, Magic and the Tree of Life: Building the Temples of

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The construction and use of meditational \'inner plane\' temples and the correct use of active symbolism to access the properties of the Ten Sephiroth and 22 Paths of the Qabalistic Tree are vitally important techniques that have been taught to initiates for centuries. In this new book (the manuscript of which which was originally written in the mid 1980\'s but was then lost for many years), A. C. Highfield presents some unique approaches and original symbolism that allow the student to gain direct experience of the Tree, and to integrate what it has to teach into daily life. Much of this text was \'received teaching\' - the very essence of Qabalah. It employs methods and symbols that are fully active at inner levels, and provides a direct \'connection\' to the universal principles and energies that the Tree of Life encompasses.