Millennials' Guide To The Construction Trades

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How can Millennials become successful in the construction trades?

Young people are often told they must go to college to have a great career. Millennials’

Guide to the Construction Trades presents readers with alternatives. Consider the

higher learning of building a city! Construction demand continues to increase, and the

need for skilled labor is soaring! There is great satisfaction to work with your hands and

build the world around us.

This guide is designed to help you start a financially rewarding career as a construction

tradesman or tradeswoman. The construction trades present the opportunity to earn a

great living, and learn as you go—without the high cost of college debt. This guide is for

Millennials who want to be successful, and who want to find an alternative to college.

Lace up your boots to pursue a challenging and rewarding career!

This practical guide includes:

— Information and descriptions on most construction trades

— How to get started in the construction trades

— Characteristics and values of construction trades men and women

— ips for employment and success in the construction field

Binding / Paperback: 256 pages

Publish Date: 1 October 2020