Mira Sol Wisdom's the Wild Unknown Tarot: Unveil Your Etheric Ma

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This book contains all 78 tarot card interpretations of The Wild Unknown Tarot deck, with in depth writings on every card of the Major and Minor Arcana. Written by Samira Morrar, creator of Mira Sol Wisdom\'s Tarot Website. Each interpretation goes into full detail of this particular deck as well as in depth wisdom of original tarot meanings. This is a magickal guide for all tarot readers. The interpretations are useful for all tarot decks. The purpose of this text is to bring you into the highest alignment possible upon your Soul Path. The intention is to guide you in the direct energy of your Divine Will, and to release all that does not serve your path. Interpretations shared are from direct experience. This book opens portals of illumination, so that you can learn to trust your being, as you are guided in every moment along your journey. May this book change your life in the highest possible way, and may you flower and bloom with each step you take. Happy journeying, my time traveling friends.