Mr. Trivia Presents: Bible Blast: Test Your Knowledge of the Wor

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The Bible is an amazing reading experience-so your Bible quiz book should be, too! Test your knowledge of the greatest Book ever with Mr. Trivia Presents: Bible Blast. These 300 questions-thirty multiple-choice quizzes of ten questions each-cover the range of biblical people, places, and things, from Abigail, Asia Minor, and the Ark of the Covenant to Zacchaeus, Zechariah, and the zealots. What do you recall of the heroes and villains, miracles and parables, objects and landscapes of the Bible? Strap on your sandals and find out here!Just a sample of what you\'ll see inside: How did Judas Iscariot kill himself after betraying Jesus? a) by hangingb) by drinking poisonc) by jumping off a cliffd) by drowningWhat did David use to battle Goliath? a) a bazookab) a bow and arrowc) a slingd) a spearAccording to Jesus, it is less likely for a rich man to enter God\'s kingdom than for a camel to what? a) flyb) go through the eye of a needlec) speakd) have tripletsAnswers, by the way, are A, C, and B . . . but maybe you already knew that. Mr. Trivia Presents: Bible Blast is jam-packed with intrigue and fun, questions that are challenging enough to be interesting but not impossible to answer. And each answer is accompanied by a verse reference, if you\'d like to go right to the Source for more information.Perfect for church groups, family nights, or personal entertainment, Mr. Trivia Presents: Bible Blast is a great way to engage the Good Book