New Alpha Male: How to Win the Game When the Rules Are Changing

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With keen insight into the changing state of masculinity, Lance Allred presents a bold new vision of a winning path forward for men.

These days, we hear plenty about what\'s wrong with men--like toxic masculinity, patriarchy, mansplaining, and male privilege. But how does a man get it right? \"Men are being asked to adapt to our changing world, yet many still want to play by the old rules,\" teaches Lance Allred. Now this former NBA star and leadership consultant presents a new game plan for evolving, growing, and succeeding in the modern era: The New Alpha Male.

Having grown up in an ultra-patriarchal cult and succeeded in the gladiatorial arena of professional sports, Allred knows firsthand how the outdated model of masculinity works--and why it is failing both men and women today. \"The old alpha male believes he is entitled to success,\" he writes. The new alpha rejects entitlement, fear, and cultural illusions in favor of strong guiding principles that honor the virtues of the masculine and the feminine.

Allred identifies the Seven Principles of Perseverance as the new \"playbook for success,\" offering honest insights and daily practices for each principle:

- Accountability--Taking full responsibility for our shortcomings and successes to empower ourselves and inspire others
- Integrity--Knowing our core values and being rigorous in honoring who we are in all circumstances
- Compassion--The key to understanding ourselves and others with clarity, connection, and respect
- Discomfort--Being able to risk failure and endure pain to serve our higher goals and personal growth
- Acceptance--Letting go of our sense of what \"should be\" so we can act with wisdom and power in the present
- Transformation--Finding the courage to discard an old identity and trust in the process of our evolution
- Gratitude and Forgiveness--The most powerful acts of healing and love available to us as human beings

\"We face maybe the toughest ask of men in the history of humanity,\" Allred states. Yet in this time of reckoning, change, and the long-overdue disruption of the old alpha\'s dominion, he challenges us to remember: \"We are on the same team--men and women. It takes compassion and communication, like all good teammates display.\"

The New Alpha Male is a bold, straight-talking guide for men of all ages who want to step up their game and become the sort of empowered, open-hearted leaders our world needs.