Ninja Farts: Silent But Deadly

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Silent but deadly...just as a Fart Ninja should be!

Milo Snotrocket was just an ordinary, fart-loving boy, until he got wind of the school bully, Bobby Buttzcratcher\'s, evil scheme: to use deadly stinky farts, for evil!

Now Milo must become the Fart Ninja to stop bad Buttzscratcher. The laughs come as fast as ninja stars as Milo...

-swallows up bad kids with a powerful fart dragon!

-braves the deadly Flatulator!

-flies on his magic fart cloud, dropping stink bombs galore!


From #1 Bestselling Children\'s Book Author J.B. O\'Neil comes: Ninja Farts. Here\'s what people have to say:

\"Okay! I gotta tell you. I have two grandsons -- one is 11 and the other is 6. Both are going to absolutely go bonkers over this book. Heck, I think even the girls will get a kick out of it.\"

\"The most hilarious book in the whole world...I gave it a five star rating because of the writer\'s sense of humor. It could make me laugh till the cows come home.\"

\"I know my kids will love this, and the audio effects would make it that much more fun for them.\"

Your copy of \"Ninja Farts\" also includes a FREE audiobook edition: look inside for more information.