No More Dodging Bullets: A Memoir about Faith, Love, Lessons, an

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After overcoming a heroin addiction in her teenage years and striving to move forward, Amy Herrig faced an entirely different addiction twenty years later: money. She and her father, Jerry Shults, were thriving as the owners of the Gas Pipe stores in Dallas, Texas, as well as other successful businesses, when a government lawsuit threatened to take everything-their businesses, their money, and their freedom. Accused of crimes she hadn\'t committed, Amy spent the next four years fighting to stay out of prison, but that wasn\'t all she had to fight along the way. When one life-altering change after another shook up Amy\'s world, she gained a new perspective on herself and on what matters most in life. From an exhausting and demoralizing situation came a new outlook of gratitude, but also remorse and humility. Although Amy\'s actions in the past had not all been illegal, she had let the allure of money guide her decisions rather than using her moral compass; the shocking turn of events that resulted from those decisions led to profound changes and made a lasting impact on Amy\'s life.

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