Norse Mythology: Explore The Timeless Tales Of Norse Folklore, T

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The Norse god Odin was a relentless seeker of knowledge and wisdom, willing to sacrifice almost anything for this pursuit.

Odin\'s hunger for wisdom is evident in many of the stories that involve him, and I invite you to share his willingness to let go of your reality and jump into the mysterious world of Norse Mythology.

Norse Mythology presents a rich and complex collection of stories derived from Germanic roots.

A fascination with the history and life of the Norse is growing. Movies and television series about their way of life have surged in popularity. What makes it so fascinating is not the stories in themselves, although some are truly a feast to the eyes, but how they came to be and what they mean for the people that live by them.

Let\'s drink from the well of knowledge and jump into a realm of wonder, where nothing is as it seems!

By the end of this book, you will be familiar with Norse Mythology and its ancient heritage of sagas, myths and legends. You\'ll discover who the Norse were, how they lived and how they influenced the modern world.

And, of course, you\'ll know more about your favorite gods, such as how Odin became the ruler of the Aesir gods, how Thor got his famous hammer, and who Loki\'s children are.

All this and much more including

  • The Most Important & Powerful Gods & Goddess
  • Discover The Vikings - Facts & Myths
  • The Legend of Sigurd The Dragon Hunter + Sigurd Runes
  • The Dangerous Draugr Creatures That Killed Any Humans They Laid Eyes Upon
  • How Freya\'s Beauty Led to Mjolin\'s Theft
  • The Legend of The Kraken (mysterious sea monsters said to swell in the waters of Greenland and Norway)
  • Thor The God of Thunder & The Story of How He Got His Hammer
  • Ragnarok - All You Need to Know About the End of the World

And much, much more...

Open a door to another world...., a world of adventure, heroism, romance and mystery.

Norse Mythology, your calling has been answered with this book.