Norse Mythology: Tales of Nordic Gods, Heroes, Yggdrasil, Norse

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A storied race and a pantheon of lore, history, and culture, the Vikings reign as the Northern overlords of ancient history. Their stories, gods, and way of life has remained through the ages as a pinnacle of Norse success and the romanticism of their unique, domineering, swashbuckling way of life. However, Norse culture goes beyond the deeds of the battlefield, and has imbued our own culture with prose, poetry, feats of heroism, defeat, and deep thought about the role of the pagan culture in a rapidly changing world. The tales of triumph and conquer by the Viking race have stood the test of time and left an indelible mark on world history. Now is the time to see for yourself the beauty, wonder, ferocity, and heroism of true Norse legend like it\'s never been seen before.

Introducing, Norse Mythology: Tales of Nordic Gods, Heroes, Yggdrasil, Norse Magic & Viking Lore, a comprehensive guide to the majesty, mystery, and mythology of one of the world\'s most famous and deeply treasured cultures. Delve into the world of heroes, gods, bravery, and might and get swept away today!

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  • Viking Origins
  • The Conception of the World - Yggdrasil, Creation, and the Afterlife
  • Valhalla
  • Viking Deities
  • Archaeological Sources
  • Viking Magical Practices & Beliefs
  • Viking Influence on Popular Culture Today
And Much, Much More!

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