Occult Technology of Power: The Initiation of the Son of a Finan

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\"Crucial is to create the impression that, although the people have been exploited in the past, today the wealthy are at the mercy of an all-powerful government which is firmly in the hands of the people or do-gooding liberals.\" -The Occult Technology of Power
This is the programme of the .01 percent! First surfacing in 1974 from underground sources, The Occult Technology of Power is a blueprint distilling the esoteric doctrines and technics of the global elite. These initiatory lessons from a cadre of technocrats is now available with a never before collected appendix of revelatory information. The publisher assumes no responsibility for those who use this book to expose those in control-or to join them.
\"A little gem of protocol which displays acute perception. A Satanic overview.\" -Anton Szandor LaVey, Cloven Hoof, Nov./Dec. 1974
\"Written as if it were a set of lectures by the central philosophers of a master conspiracy. Their personal viewpoint is rational egoism, but they want to keep the wisdom of this perspective secret-since it is impossible to exploit a person who maintains a self-conscious, self-interested frame of reference... This reviewer is very pleased with the discovery of a text we had at first avoided because of its title. The little book is very much worth its price.\" -Joe Cobb, Reason Magazine, May, 1976