Player Proof

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Player Proof: The Uncensored Dating Guide for Women: How to Beat Players at Their Own Game, Meet the One!
Contributor(s): Wellington, Derek (Author)

ISBN: 1484046994 EAN: 9781484046999
Publisher: Createspace
US SRP:$ 11.97 US
Binding: Paperback: 212 pages
Pub Date: December 06, 2013
Copyright Date: 2013

Annotation: Are you tired of dating men and getting used, played and dumped? If so you're about to learn how to: Learn about the 13 different types of Players, the mental games they'll play on you and how to handle them. You will learn the three reasons why he doesn't call you after having sex.

You will learn the 23 red flags to watch out for to know if you're dating a Player or a man with long term potential.

You will learn how to quickly weed out the losers, posers, and men that will simply waste your time, and energy.

You will learn how to find The ONE. Meaning the man that you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with. You will learn how to quickly, and easily identify the kind of man you’re dating, so you can decide how much time and energy to devote to the relationship.

Imagine what your life will be like once you understand all the head games that men play? You learn how to quickly, and easily decide which men are trustworthy, and which men are not You will learn how to protect your heart, so that NO man ever breaks your heart again!

You will learn what it takes for you to be with the man of your dreams. You will learn how to how to tell if the man has no intention of being in a relationship with you and only wants sex. You will learn how to how to keep a man once you get him.

You will learn how to how to tell if a man will cheat on you.

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