Prayers for My Marriage: 40 Days of Guided Prayer for Divine Cov

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'- Is it time to trade in your know-how for God\'s all-knowing wisdom concerning your marriage?- Are you ready to use the power of prayer to transform your marriage for the better?- Are there barriers or behaviors that are hindering you from experiencing the fullness of God\'s and/or your spouse\'s love?- Do you want to unlock the surpassing joy and peace available to you by allowing God to lead your marriage into a deeper state of blessing, happiness, and intimacy?Strengthening your marriage takes intention, God\'s Word, and prayer. Join Stephan Speaks as he leads you and your spouse on a 40-day journey back into the right posture before God. A posture of humility, gratitude, and submission. Once you\'re resubmitted to God and each other, God can guide you on how to free your marriage from the bondage of unforgiveness, malice, resentment, anger, and sin, which are seeds of unhappiness.God wants you happily married, fulfilled, and freely expressing and receiving the love you desire to experience in your marriage.\"...Two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.\" Ecclesiastes 4:12God is the third cord in the union of marriage that fortifies the bond.