Privatized BANKING

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Many investors wish they could get in on just one millionaire insider secret and make their fortune. Lucien Stephenson reveals one such well-kept secret in this book. Even though this "secret" has been around for nearly 2 centuries, less than 1% of American investors are aware of it or use it to build their wealth and manage their money. Think about it: We finance everything we buy, from cars to homes and college educations. And who is it that gets rich when you borrow? The banker, of course! By using this investment instrument - available to us all at all income levels - you can manage all aspects of your borrowing, saving and spending. With this close control over your money, it is you that gets rich. Not your banker. Stephenson further explains how your money earns and grows in the many ways typically reserved for banks and financial institutions. In short, set up this "secret of the 1%" for yourself, and become your own banker!

Binding / Paperback: 100 pages

Publish Date: June 27, 2020