Q.B.L. Or, the Bride's Reception (Aziloth Books)

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Charles Stansfeld Jones (1886-1950) was deeply immersed in occult matters from an early age. He joined Aleister Crowley\'s Mystical Order A∴A∴ (Astrum Argentum) at 23, and was acknowledged by the \'Great Beast\' as his \'magical child\'. Jones took the title Achad (Unity), and it was as Frater Achad that he published most of his most famous occult studies, including the ground-breaking Q.B.L., The Bride\'s Reception. This work is a masterpiece, an occult investigation into the profundities of Qabalah, its arcane symbolism, and links to other esoteric systems such as the Tarot. But it is more than this - it is a book that offers both novice and adept alike a remarkably clear and understandable exposition of this otherwise recondite, confusing, and seemingly contradictory worldview. As The Occult Review stated on the book\'s publication in 1922 \"we can only advise those who are able to do so to study Frater Achad\'s essay. Their industry will be well repaid\". This is a must-read for all students of the mystic lore.