Reaching God Through Conversation

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Readers are introduced to various methods of engaging in prayer in the simplest form and how to move from one level of prayer to another. The purpose of this work is to inspire and motivate the timid, inexperienced, and seasoned readers to embrace prayer as a vital part of their daily life. Bracing against distractions, urges to quit when immediate results are not evident in all cases, and how to develop consistency in prayer are reiterated throughout this book. One is enlightened on increasing the intensity of prayer while avoiding being trapped by limitations, such as a specific posture, location or time zone. Learn to trust God as a reliable and ever present source of help; a confidant worthy of a fulfilling and everlasting relationship. Come to see Him as the One to which wordy prayers and eloquent speech is not required. The ultimate goal is to help the reader who is having a conversation with God feel confident that God is listening and is able to answer the smallest and biggest detail of their concern.