Rise and Fall of Black Wall Street AND The Seven Key Empowerment

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Did you know that African Americans in Oklahoma created a ‘Negro Wall Street’ in the early 1910s? The Oklahoma city of Tulsa in 1921 had a Black hospital, a Black public library, 2 Black public schools, 2 Black newspapers, 2 Black theatres, 5 hotels, 13 churches, 30 restaurants and perhaps 600 Black businesses! What was the story of this great Black achievement? What happened to all of this? In the first half of this book, Robin Walker addresses these questions. What does it take for an individual to replicate the kind of economic success that the people of Black Wall Street achieved? In the second part of this book, Robin Walker presents his own ideas on what it takes to become successful. He outlines The Seven Key Empowerment Principles that any individual needs to use as a minimum to replicate that kind of success. He shows that individuals need five things to make it in the money game. They need Inspiration, Correct Knowledge, a Money Management System, a Personal Plan, and the Seven Key Empowerment Principles. Inspiration gives individuals ‘the WHY.’ Correct Knowledge gives individuals ‘the TARGET.’ A Money Management System and the Personal Plan gives people ‘the HOW.’ Finally, The Seven Key Empowerment Principles is ‘the CEMENT’ that holds ‘the WHY,’ ‘the HOW’ and ‘the TARGET’ together.

Binding / Paperback: 116 pages

Publish Date: 5 May 2014