Self-Made Success: Ivy League Shark Tank Entrepreneur Reveals 48

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Some people succeed financially. Others succeed academically. Still others succeed spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. But there are a select few who succeed across all fields-the Self-Made Successes. This book reveals the exact blueprint of how you can achieve success on every level. - Universal Success Strategies - From harnessing Parkinson\'s Law to mastering the powerful Pareto Principle, learn to get what you want out of life. - Wealth Success Strategies - Dream of amassing wealth? It\'s easy to capture it all if you remember to never trade your time for money and be the big fish in a small pond. - Entrepreneurship Success Strategies - Be your own boss. Launch your company by doing what you already know-and never go to a gunfight without bullets. - Social Success Strategies - Outsider no more. Grow your social skills by learning how to embrace your failures and never playing the comparison game. - Productivity Success Strategies - You can work smarter and harder with these six steps to greater productivity, like starting your day with a Morning Power Hour. - Mental Success Strategies - You are in charge of your own mind. Sweat out these mental bench presses, such as treating entitlement as the enemy, for a stronger mind. - Marketing Success Strategies - Get noticed. Learn the secrets to planting viral content and joining people to your cause to make a splash in the world. - Academic Success Strategies - Go to college-and survive! You\'ll earn honors with these secrets to studying the easy way. So can you really have it all at a young age? Yes. Throw out the conventional wisdom that says you have to pay your dues or climb the corporate ladder. You can have it all and you can have it now. In Self-Made Success, I will show you how.