Self-Talk Solution: The Proven Concept Of Breaking Free From Int

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Are you worried you will never be happy again?

Do you wish you could quiet the voice in your head that makes you feel like you are a failure and there is no hope?

Or do you want to strengthen the positive voice in your head, that helps you find happiness and achieve your greatest potential?

If you answered yes to at least one of the questions above, this guide is specifically written for you.

While there are several books written about self-talk, this guide provides tangible strategies based on psychological research that you can use immediately to both change negative self-talk to positive self-talk and turn it into action.

Did you know that negative self-talk is a habit that can be changed?

Just like getting into the habit of brushing your teeth as a child, negative self-talk is a habit that can be changed and you can make the change now!

In 2014, Ethan Kross wrote about the power of self-talk as a regulatory mechanism in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology - it affects what we do, whether we realize it or not - and the way we use self-talk matters.

As a regulatory mechanism, self-talk guides you in times of need, and it also acts as your inner critic. But sometimes your inner critic can guide you into unnecessary negative thoughts.

His work, among others\' shared in this guide, provides strategies and facts based on scientific evidence that help you to affect and improve the way you use self- talk.

In this guide you\'ll discover:

  • The reasons why negative self-talk is stopping you from finding happiness and how positive self-talk can save you!
  • Why you feel drained of energy and helpless (and how you can fix this in no time at all!)
  • What the absolute key is to quieting the voice of negative self- talk
  • A complete picture of how self-talk affects you - finding long term solutions and not just a \"band-aid\" to fix the problem
  • The best secret - and simple - tricks you can use to strengthen the positive self-talk voice
  • How to improve both your life and your relationships, without spending a fortune on therapy
  • The 14 key suggestions for how to take self-talk to the next level by turning positive self-talk into action!

...and much, much more!

By relying on the most up-to-date psychological studies and findings, this guide provides the background information and tangible tools to understand the power of self-talk.

You will learn how to eliminate negative self-talk and welcome positive self-talk, freeing you to do the things you\'ve always wanted to do.

If you finally want to understand how self-talk is hurting you, and, how you can change it to improve your life, click \"Add to Cart\" now! Why wait another day?