She Comes First - Reclaim Your Power! - A guide for sassy women

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An empowering book about standing your ground while dating, in marriage, in your career, and anywhere else.

As an author and a coach who has been helping women for more than a decade, I noticed some women were in trouble. Not just in their relationships, some had unfulfilling jobs, didn\'t get paid what they were worth, had always dreamt of starting their own business but never did, felt lonely even though they had a husband and kids... the list goes on and on. So many women try to be the perfect girlfriends, wives, mothers, friends, sisters, colleagues, business owners, bosses, and more. They love to serve and want to succeed in the many roles they have to play. They are compliant, even to the people who don\'t really deserve that kind of treatment. They give it all they have, every single day.

Regardless of their tremendous efforts, some women get little in return. They feel used. They get men that keep flaking out, careers that don\'t feel meaningful, and possibly a body that starts to feel and look more and more tired. Did you ever notice that burnout tends to afflict women much more often than men? There\'s a reason for that, as you\'ll learn.

This should stop.

Some women seem to have found a loophole, a backdoor in the current system. There are women out there who have designed the life they live. I call these women the high-value women. This value has nothing to do with money. It turns out the high-value woman follows a set of strategies and principles. I\'ll share them with you throughout this book.

You might have seen and met her. She\'s the woman who is self-employed, doing the thing she loves, and making a living off of it. She\'s the woman who might have decided to have a normal career, with a twist. It\'s the type of career she enjoys and she is actually appreciated for the hard work and hours she puts into it. When she speaks, others listen, even the men in her office with over-inflated egos. Her job almost never feels like work and is deeply fulfilling. It doesn\'t cost her energy; she gets energy from it. When she wakes up, she can\'t wait to get started with her day.

She is the woman who has found and created herself a loving relationship with a man she loves. She is also the woman who is happily single, the woman who doesn\'t need a man to be happy. She has a supportive circle of great friends, and she has the time to hang out with them, even when she has kids.

She knows how to set the world to her hand, so it seems, and some women wonder how she does it. That\'s what this book is about, I\'ll uncover her strategies. I\'ve been studying and interviewing her for so long now that I can\'t wait to share everything with you.

We\'ll dive in what to do in your romantic relationships, in your career, in your personal life, and most importantly, in your own mind.

I\'m sure you already are a high-value woman in many ways. Some parts of the book will reaffirm that you\'re on the right track; others will provide a new way of thinking to take you to the next level.

Are you curious to find out how the high-value woman does it all?

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