Side Hustle Law

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Get practical legal tips your side hustle or small business.
Everyone is looking to start a business. Now, more than ever, people are beginning their projects while still holding down a day job. Learn the primary ways that law and business intersect and how you can save money and headaches in the early stages.

The law is intimidating, resources are scattered, and lawyers are expensive. It is hard to know what areas of the law could impact your business and what you can do to protect it.
With this book, you’ll gain introductory familiarity with the types of problems that all small businesses eventually face. Take the first step to answering your basic business law questions.

Can I get fired from my job for starting a side hustle? Do I need a license to start my business? Should I form a corporation? What should I do if I want a business partner? Do I need to register a trademark?
This book provides you the know-how to address these questions and much more. You’ll learn introductory legal concepts that help you navigate the risk-filled waters of entrepreneurship.

✓ Nine lessons filled with actionable information you can put to use.
✓ Insights from a lawyer on commonly asked business questions.
✓ Accessible examples of the key concepts presented.
✓ Tips that can save you money as you start your journey.

Myles Taylor is an attorney based in Northern California. His practice consists of representing small and mid-sized businesses, including forming companies, handling the legal side of operations, and litigating disputes in court. He believes that even an ounce of preventative work and planning and help to avoid massive legal problems in the future.

Binding / Paperback: 137 pages

Publish Date: 14 March 2019

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