Sizzling Stories of Sci-Fi Sex

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Five erotic tales of otherworldly lust, for people who like their dirty stories mixed with a bit of The Twilight Zone. Stories in this volume: The Aliens - A man spending the summer alone in the Rocky Mountains gets the treat of his life when three sexy aliens crash near his cabin. The Genie - A genie grants one man his wildest sexual wishes. The other one must outwit the genie to get what he wants. The Hotel Housekeepers - A man staying at a hotel eavesdrops on the couple next door making passionate love. But everything is not as it seems. Interrupted - In this novella, time stops for a man who is interrupted just before an orgasm. While the world is frozen, he does what any normal man would do: he gorges himself on any woman he wants. Invisible - A painfully shy man suddenly becomes invisible. He uses his new gift to spy on the woman of his dreams. EXPLICIT SEX. ADULTS ONLY.

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